What Is News?


News is a type of information about current events. It can be about anything, from natural disasters to politics to sports. It is generally written by a journalist or other trained professional.

Most of the time, news is about people and their actions. People like to hear about other people and what they do, especially if it is exciting or interesting. News also can be about things that are not people but are still significant to a society, such as a volcanic eruption or an earthquake. News often is reported in local newspapers, on radio and television, and online. It can be a national or international story.

A news article typically starts with a headline, which is a short, catchy description of the story. Then, the article goes into more detail about the subject of the story. Some news articles may include pictures, video footage, or interviews with witnesses or experts.

It is important for the writer of a news article to be familiar with his or her topic. To write a good news article, the writer should know the five Ws of journalism: who, what, where, when, and why. This means that the writer should research his or her subject extensively before writing an article.

In addition, a good writer of a news article should be able to identify his or her audience. This will help the writer decide what information is most relevant to the audience, and how it should be presented.

For example, if the writer is reporting on a school football game, it would be appropriate to have quotes from the coach and one or two players. However, if the news is about a political scandal, it would be more important to have quotes from politicians or others involved in the controversy.

Finally, a good news writer should be able to tell whether or not a story is credible. This is important because false or inaccurate news can damage a person’s credibility and trust. In some cases, a news story may be deliberately inaccurate or misleading for political or commercial reasons.

It is important to remember that the credibility of a news story depends on many factors, including how recent it is, how much the public is interested in it, and how well it is reported. It is difficult to find completely unbiased news, but there are some reputable sources that try to maintain high standards of accuracy and impartiality. These include the BBC, which has reporters around the world and is usually among the first to report on major stories. In addition, there are a number of news aggregators, such as Google News, that compile articles from a variety of sources. These sites can be helpful in finding out about breaking local news that has not yet been reported on by larger news outlets.