Types of Automobiles


Automobiles are a type of vehicle that has four wheels, usually for passenger transportation. Modern automobiles are highly complex technical systems, employing thousands of different parts. Their evolution has largely been a result of advances in existing technology, new developments, safety legislation, and competition among manufacturers around the world. Let’s examine some of the different types of automobiles.


Daimler automobiles were the first automobiles to have four cylinders. The name came from an Austrian automobile entrepreneur named Emil Jellinek. He had connections in international finance and the aristocracy. He became more active in business and began selling his automobiles in 1898. Jellinek’s company promoted Daimler automobiles in other countries and the brand became famous. By 1900, Daimler Motors had supplied 29 cars to companies throughout the world.

Model T

The Model T was an American automobile designed by Childe Harold Wills. It was built during the early part of the twentieth century and was later modified by Hungarian immigrants. Its first model was called the “Model T,” and production began in the third quarter of 1908. Collectors classify the Model T based on its build year, and refer to 1909 cars as “1909 models.” During the first two decades of production, the Model T underwent several design changes.


The Ford automobile company is an American multinational auto manufacturer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. The company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903. It sells automobiles under the Ford brand and luxury vehicles under the Lincoln luxury brand.

Benz’s inventions

Benz’s inventions in the automobile have been credited with revolutionizing transportation. His automobiles employed a gasoline-powered internal-combustion engine. His father died in an accident when he was two years old. His mother supported his education, and he was admitted to the University of Karlsruhe at the age of 15. By 1864, he had graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. He continued working on engineering projects in different locations before settling down in Mannheim.

Henry Ford

When you talk about Henry Ford and automobiles, you are thinking about the American automaker who revolutionized the industry. Ford was born in Dearborn, Michigan, and his parents moved to Detroit in the 1840s, where they settled. He had little formal education and spent his early years working at a machine shop for the Detroit Edison Company. He rose quickly from an apprentice to a chief engineer, and soon was building his own cars and selling them to customers around the country.